Ania Soliman is an Egyptian/Polish/American artist who grew up in Baghdad and currently lives and works in Paris.

She depicts objects that have been frozen in circulation—either externally (in markets, museums, symbolic systems) or internally (in language, traumatic structures, even drawings themselves). Often the result of multiple repetitions, her works function as icons—symbols of something unconscious being worked out in an almost mechanical fashion through physical engagement with the image. This process of nature becoming machine and machine becoming nature is one of her primary subjects, and the fundamentally machinic aspect of language is particularly fascinating to her. In order to work directly with the live circulation of language, she has recently begun to develop a series of lecture performances that connect to her drawing practice.

Ania Soliman’s work has been exhibited at the Castello di Rivoli, Turin (2018), the Museum der Moderne in Salzburg (2016), the Museum of Contemporary Art at Antwerp (2015), the Whitney Biennial (2010), the 14th Istanbul Biennial (2015), the Museum der Kulturen in Basel (2014), and the Drawing Center in New York (2000), among other venues, and she has recently done lecture-performances at the Global Art Forum in Dubai and Singapore and at Blockbase in Davos. She attended Harvard College and Columbia University before participating in the Whitney Independent Study Program.